Reducing Clutter Around Bathroom Sink and Counter

It’s hard to keep a clean house when you have stuff everywhere. The bathroom counter tends to be one place where clutter builds up, making a bathroom not only appear messy, but costing you time in your morning routine. Here are some tricks to keeping a clutter-free bathroom counter and sink.

1). Invest in a toothbrush and toothpaste holder. Even if you just use a cup to hold your toothpaste and toothbrush, it is better than them lying vertically taking up excess space. There are some toothpaste dispensers on the market now that you can hang on the wall, which allow you to simply pump out a small amount of toothpaste, eliminating the need to keep the tube on your counter. Toothbrush holders are also excellent because they hold your toothbrush upright, eliminating excess germs by laying it flat on the sink. They come in many beautiful designs that can help you coordinate a decorative theme for your bathroom.

2). Keep large items under the sink. Flat irons, electric shavers, blow dryers and other large items can be stowed under the sink, especially if they are not used daily. These large items consume up to 75 percent of your counter space, making your morning routine more stressful and time-consuming than it should be. Keeping large items out of sight reduces clutter around your bathroom sink and counter space.

3). Use a makeup bag for cosmetics. Instead of keeping individual makeup items strewn all over the countertop, store lipsticks, foundations, compacts, etc. in a makeup tote. Not only will you not lose makeup, but you will also save lots of counter space, resulting in less clutter around your bathroom sink and counter.

4). Use a container to hold skin care items. If you have a healthy skin regimen, you probably use a variety of products, including cleanser, toner ad moisturizer. These three bottles can take up a lot of room on your counter, but they are used daily so you need to keep them in sight. Consider using a small container or stand to store these items. A small container will keep the items organized and accessible, but reduce excess clutter around your bathroom sink and on the counter.

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