Easy Ways to Tell Stories to Children

Easy Ways to Tell Stories to Children

Some of our earliest and fondest memories are of storytelling. Whether it be your parents telling you a bedtime story while you’re snuggled up and about to fall asleep or sitting in class with a teacher reading out loud to everyone. People have been telling stories for decades, even centuries, to explore ideas and open their mind to experiences. Actually, the way humans tell stories is as natural as eating, sleeping, and even breathing. We can’t help but to talk of tales. Many stories people are familiar with today have actually been passed down through generations. In addition, we also create our own to share.

Spending time with children and telling them stories can be a great bonding time. It is a fun and satisfying act that everyone loves. Not only is storytelling a fun activity, but it is also full of many benefits. It teaches children many life lessons that you want them to be aware of. Making mistakes aren’t fun and it is ideal if we can avoid them by being educated of possible situations. Great stories also allow children to explore their feelings and think about hate, love, jealously, generosity, and at the simplest levels – good and bad.

Not only does reading to children and telling them stories stimulate their emotions, but they also open up their imagination and expand their vocabulary. The beautiful thing about fiction is that we can transport to places we have never been before. We can create scenarios and environments in my mind, as well as meet the most unique people. Whether it is another country or even another century in time, we have the power to create these visuals.

Children participating at storytelling tent

Sharing personal experiences also allows children to be able to connect with you. It is important to be aware of their age and choosing to tell them things that you would want them to be aware of at this moment. For example, telling scary ghost stories to small children isn’t ideal because they would not be able to sleep at night. However, teenagers looking for a thrill may love it.

When telling a story, it’s important to use many strategies. This ensures that you capture everyone’s attention. Using your voice and body are all you need. This can be in the form of facial expressions and hand gestures. Emphasizing certain words and even changing your voice to differentiate each character is also a good tactic. Most importantly, when you enjoy telling a story, it is most likely that those listening will love it also.